Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women In The World Foundation.

Join a movement of women committed to making an impact  You are the woman that the world has been waiting for!  We invite you to come and find out why

Membership has grown steadily to over 300 women with meetings held at various locations all over Los Angeles. The members either already own their own business or plan to start a new business and want to be successful!

Women Helping Women in the World, the World Foundation of Women was founded by Bobi Leonard and Galit Dayan, who’s husband is the Israeli consulate in California. Both women wanted to create a support system to teach women successful business practices and financial independence, worldwide. Well-known television personality, entrepreneur, and mentor to women, Bobi Leonard of Arcara Enterprises, cordially invites you for an evening of inspiration, sharing and encouragement.  Women from various walks of life are gathering to discuss ways of mentoring women everywhere.
Board members include:
Bobi Leonard, also a Financial Lecturer for the Pacific Design Center; Jodi Seidler, a Blogging Mentor and Marketing Maven; Dorothy Vinsky, a Women Empowerment Attorney;  Deanie Kramer, a Mediator on Divorce Court;  Beth Devermont, an Interior Design Professional;  Patty Colman, Creator of Anti-Aging Products;  Jamie Namanny, an Interior Design Professional;  and Desiree Doubrox, the Founder of a Woman’s Empowerment Group… these are just a few of our noteworthy board members.

Please call the office at  310-403-2308  OR  email us to reserve your seat at our next event or to ask about being on our Board of Directors!

  1. June 18, 2011 at 5:47 am

    What a great group of women!

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